Classroom Training for School Conflict Resolution

Classroom Conflict Education

We'll come to the classroom or assembly with our conflict education modules for junior high and high school students.

Pep Talks on Respect

Respect has all but gone out of the window in our society. From the highest office in the land to the lowliest home, we need to rekindle respect.

How to De-Escalate Conflicts

Many conflicts are due to the fact that students do not know how to manage confrontation. We teach what to do in the first 30 seconds to quench conflict.

Don't Fight... Resolve It Instead!

It seems like there's always a fight at school, or between students in the streets. We teach students how to work through differences in a civil manner.

Breaking the Pipeline to Prison

Poor conflict habits are formed in homes, exacerbated at school, and leads often to prison. Let us pour positive worldviews into your students.

Overcoming Obstacles to Success

Students sometimes fail because of underlying issues that undermine their self-worth, focus, and achievements. These can be overcome.