From Holy Hell to Hallelujah Again

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From Holy Hell to Hallelujah AgainThe Benefit: This is a must-have resource for everyone connected in any way to a religious body! A great resource for church leaders and seminarians, church elders, church boards, Bible school professors and church lay members. A tremendous benefit to the body of Christ!

The Need: Most church leaders and members are ill-equipped to effectively handle conflict in the church. Most ministerial training programs fail to adequately prepare students for church conflict. Throughout their life cycle, many congregations will deal with devastating conflict from time to time. Conflict resolution training is an urgent need in the church.

The Tool: From Holy Hell to Hallelujah Again is the result of Dr. Ennis’ doctoral research project. This is backed up by more than 16 years of conflict ministry as an ordained pastor. He has provided conflict consulting and training since 2010. The reader will benefit from his wealth of experience and academic research to be change agents in moving congregations “From Holy Hell to Hallelujah Again.”

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