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Dr. Everton A. Ennis, founder of CLASS Act Seminars, is a pastor. His pastoral experience taught him early in ministry, in fact, on the first day of his first pastoral assignment, that he was not adequately trained for the rigors of conflict in pastoral ministry. On day one, a local elder disrespected him, and for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with him! The elder took out his frustration with conference leadership on the new, unsuspecting pastor.

That was just the beginning of many more crude and oftentimes discouraging encounters in pastoral ministry. Within two years, Dr. Ennis fell ill with undetermined causes of several bodily organs malfunctioning. Eventually, a curious medical  specialist, who was at his wit's end, inquired of the sick pastor, "what kind of work do you do?" Upon being told that the patient was a pastor, the physician threw both hands into the air above his head and declared, "that's your problem, your problem is stress! I have another patient who's also a pastor, and he presents with the same symptoms, but no clear diagnosis."

On that day in September 2004, Dr. Ennis sought God's wisdom in prayer, asking God to teach him how to minister successfully in spite of a toxic church. The particular church had been embroiled in conflict for years, yet every succeeding pastor would somehow be miraculously blamed for the church's years-long follies.

Dr. Ennis went on to study for his Doctor of Ministry degree, in another area of specialty, but God re-directed him to pursue an emphasis in Congregational Conflict Resolution Training. This is the main thrust and expertise of CLASS Act Seminars -- conflict resolution training for various types of religious, corporate, charity organizations and schools.

Dr. Ennis is our primary facilitator of our workshops and pastoral and leadership conferences. He is also a licensed General Civil Mediator, and author of "From Holy Hell to Hallelujah Again: Surviving the Consuming Flames of Congregational Conflict" which can be found in our store on this website.

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Truth be told, most pastors have never received adequate and professional training in conflict ministry. That being the case, one can readily understand why this vital training is also largely absent from the congregation itself.

We offer a variety of training subject areas for pastors, local elders and church officers. We also provide specialized training programs for the entire congregation. Please contact us today about scheduling an event for your church, or attending one of our conferences.