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Workplace Conflict Solutions

Workplace conflict mitigates against productivity, good customer service, and the best possible profits. Let us train your staff to get along, to professionally showcase your business to your clients. 

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Conflict Training for School Systems

Student bullying and school shootings are not without cause. In many cases, there is a lack of problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Ask us to bring an age appropriate conflict training program to your school today. 

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Family and Community Programs

We provide conflict mediation and training for families in crisis, as well as providing community education forums (youth and senior groups, civic organizations, non-profits, juvenile court programs, etc.).

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Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

The Reality of Workplace Conflict


Are you are a manager or decision-maker who's tired of a toxic workplace? While firing current staff may seem like the best move at this time, please wait! Give us the opportunity to work with your staff to revamp teamwork and refocus them on the company's mission. 

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Conflict will not solve itself! People cause conflicts either inadvertently through ignorance or, or intentionally through disregard for policies and procedures (other factors may apply too). Regardless of the cause, we will address the specific need.

Types of School Programs We Provide

Classroom Conflict Education


 We'll come to the classroom or assembly with our conflict education modules for elementary through high school students. 

Pep Talks on Respect


Respect has all but vanished from many segments of our society. We will help your students to see the value of respect. 

How to De-Escalate Conflicts


Many conflicts are due to students not knowing how to manage confrontation. We show that the first 30 seconds are vital. 

Don't Fight... Resolve It Instead!


It seems like there's always a fight at school or in the streets. Students learn how to positively work through anger and differences.

Breaking the Pipeline to Prison


Poor conflict habits are formed at home, exacerbated at school, and often lead to prison. We inspire students to succeed. 

Overcoming Obstacles to Success


Students sometimes fail because of underlying issues that undermine their self-worth, focus, and achievements. These can be overcome. 

Family and Community Conflict Training Programs

Family Conflict Resolution Training


We host periodic public conferences on family conflict. We are also available to do private consultation with conflicted families.

Understanding How Family Life Overlaps


We recognize the sympathetic relationship between family relations, workplace behavior, and religious congregational life.

Community Conflict Education


We are available to speak to youth, church, and civic groups, etc. Peacemaking is our passion. We're glad to share and uplift.

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