Family Conflict Intervention

Well-Ordered Families: The Foundation of Civil Society

Unfortunately, the family has been under attack since the earliest days of man. Today, every conceivable impediment to happy family life is running rampant in society. Family conflicts have no limits or boundaries. We've seen conflicts over babies to conflicts over the grave.

CLASS Act Seminars recognizes the sympathetic relationship between family relations, workplace experience, and religious congregational life. They impact and influence each other. While we are not family therapists or social workers, our programs do offer families hope.

Our seminars, workshops, and mediation intervention can help you to regain a unified focus and purpose as a family unit. God loves the family. Jesus died to save every member of the family. While prayer for the family is critically important, we also believe that professional, practical training in conflict resolution skills is vital for healthy family relations.

Coming soon -- "THE PAUSE" -- our new, cutting edge project on how to de-escalate and prevent arguments and conflicts.

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