Our Solutions

Workplace & School Conflict Solutions

Workplace conflict mitigates against productivity, good customer service, and the best possible profits. Let us train your staff to get along, to professionally showcase your business to your clients. Student bullying and school shootings are not without cause. In many cases, there is a lack of problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Ask us to bring an age appropriate conflict training program to your school today.

Congregational Conflict Resolution Training

On any given weekend, houses of worship rank among the most conflicted places in the community. The fact that people of faith are believers in ethics that promote the good or others, does not always translate into healthy relationships among believers. Congregations need to be taught and trained in the art of conflict resolution. We are here to help.

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation Service

Why litigate, when you can mediate? We are Registered Neutrals, licensed to provide general civil mediation and dispute resolution services for various conflicted relationships: landlord and tenant, business contracts, HOA/homeowner disputes, etc.

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