More About Our Conflict Resolution Expertise

CLASS Act Seminars, LLC was founded in 2010 by Dr. Everton A. Ennis, who serves as the ministry's President and CEO. He is a proven expert in conflict resolution training and general civil mediation in both corporate and congregational settings.


The primary business of CLASS Act Seminars is to train and equip congregations and church leaders in the art and science of minimizing and resolving conflict. We provide conflict intervention and mediation services for congregations in crisis.

Our intervention and training program is matched to whatever stage of conflict a congregation is in, or whether there is no current crisis. Conflict ministry is an essential part of pastoral ministry. However, most pastors have not been exposed to professional conflict ministry training.


Many pastors and denominational leaders assume that church members should automatically know and understand how to prevent and resolve conflict. It is also assumed that typical ministerial training prepares pastors for effective conflict ministry. Needless to say, neither assumption is correct.

CLASS Act Seminars was started to fill an obvious need to provide professional training to church leaders and congregations, and to provide intervention and mediation services to conflicted churches. Our services have also been utilized by non-religious work environments, since the key concepts and principles that we promote are universal in nature.

Biographical Sketch of Dr. Everton A.Ennis

  • Doctoral Degree ('14) - Specialization in Conflict Resolution Training
  • Registered Neutral/General Civil Mediator - Judicial Council of Georgia/Administrative Office of the Courts
  • President & CEO - CLASS Act Seminars, LLC
  • Owner & Mediator - Class Act Mediation Service
  • Author - "From Holy Hell to Hallelujah Again: Surviving the Consuming Flames of Congregational Conflict"