Conflict Training

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Workplace Conflict Training

A toxic work environment saps employee energy and wastes management's time. Poor customer service, high staff turnover and loss of profit is the result. We train your team to work together.

Church Conflict Mediation & Training

It is common knowledge... there is a lot of conflict in churches! We provide professional, effective training programs for your congregation. Move your church from being a holy hell to hallelujah again! 

Private Family Dispute Mediation

Deep-seated and long-term family disputes can be devastating to the family structure, with divorce being just one of the potential consequences. Get private mediation for the entire family.

Pastors & Elders Training Conferences

Pastors and local elders are the front-line defense against damaging church conflict. Unfortunately, this aspect of leadership training in woefully lacking in the church. Attend our training conferences.

Webinars & Training Resources

Our regular webinars are power-packed with vital, cutting-edge educational instruction for anyone wanting to develop their conflict leadership skills. Be sure to check out our store for resources.

General Civil Mediation

Litigation of minor general civil may turn out to be more costly and time consuming than the case is worth. Mediation may be a more practical alternative dispute resolution method for you.

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